About Me

I am an Emmy award winning expedition filmmaker.

Aleksandr Rikhterman is a Ukrainian born, Russian speaking, explorer and documentary filmmaker.

Aleksandr Rikhterman

Hi! I am an explorer and a filmmaker. I started documentary filmmaking as a justification for escapism but soon realized I loved storytelling through film. My escapism was justified when, only 1.5 years after being a "filmmaker" I won the 1st place Television Academy Foundation College Television Emmy for my "Solo-Traveler's Guide To: The World" series. Since then I became a member of the Explorers Club, trained to become an PADI Divemaster, TEC diver, and have continued shooting documentaries and corporate videos all over the world.









Video Presentations

Past Presentations

  • Columbia University

  • Explorers Club Boy Scouts

  • ECAD Sunday

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