I am pleased to announce that Otter Drysuits is sponsoring the documentary, “The Bar at the End of the World“. Their Britannic MK2 suit will keep me warm and toasty as I film scuba diving Ukrainian marine biologists in 0° water.

The Drysuit

The Otter Britannic MK2 Telescopic is a strong suit made of robust armor skin material. This suit is suitable for every type of diver. Whether you are a recreational or professional diver. This super tough suit is manufactured in flexible armor skin now as std and new style telescopic body with neoprene crutch strap slider. Their great onsie undergarment has kept me from freezing throughout all of my diving. Their Kubi dry glove ring system has been a pleasure and kept my fingers warm. Combine that with a full face mask and you have the ultimate cold water diving kit. I have gone ice diving with it and am training at Dutch Springs with Urban Manta to make sure my trim/buoyancy is perfect before going down to Antarctica.

Otter Drysuit Brittanic MKII


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