Join explorer and filmmaker Aleksandr Rikhterman as he travels to the world’s most remote research stations to learn about the groundbreaking scientific developments that take place there and the researchers that dedicate their lives to the pursuit of the unknown in this new docu-series, “The Limit”.

“The Bar at the End of the World” will be episode one in the new series, “The Limit”. Episode one features Ukraine’s Antarctic research station. Experience the life of research scientists in Antarctica as they study the effects of climate change and distill their own Vodka at the southernmost bar in the world at the Ukrainian research station, Vernadsky. “The Bar at the End of the World” will also be stand-alone short and feature length versions of the documentary.

Cast (as of 12/2021)

Aleksandr Rikhterman was born in Ukraine and speaks Russian. His family immigrated to New York City when he was only two years old. Episode 1, “The Bar at the End of the World”, combines Aleksandr’s passion for adventure and storytelling with exploring his own roots as a Ukrainian.


Production of “The Bar at the End of the World” started with interviews in Kyiv and archival research in Cambridge in the UK in May 2019. Principal photography will take place at Vernadsky station in March 2025. Post-production will take place from April 2025 through September 2025. From then, this documentary will be submitted as a stand-alone character driven documentary to film festivals and pitched to networks as a hosted docu-series.

Proudly sponsored by Otter Drysuits.

We are excited to partner with Otter Drysuits! Their drysuit will allow Aleksandr Rikhterman to film Ukrainian scuba diving marine biologists and the sea life they are researching in the cold Antarctic waters.

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All videos what I watched is very impression, multifarious and professional. Continue to produce such an
Interesting movies. Our knowledge will be more widely.