In May of 2015 I joined the Explorers Club as a student member after graduating Binghamton University and winning a 1st place Television Academy Foundation College Television Award Emmy for my “Solo-Traveler’s Guide To: The World” Series. From 2015 through 2018 I was sponsored to go to the Arctic through Adventure Canada, filmed a non-profit’s climb up Kilimanjaro, documented an Explorers Club flag expedition to Laos, and filmed a National Geographic sponsored expedition to study the working conditions of wildlife rangers in Kyrgyzstan. Suffice to say the Explorers Club became my 2nd home and I am ever grateful for the opportunities it presents. This past March I had the privilege of representing the Explorers Club in a different way – as a representative of the next generation of explorers through a NY Times article. If you’ve ever wondered what the Explorers Club is all about, please take a look!

Below behind the scenes photos from Brianna Rowe.


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